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Dust Covers for the TA.XT2
Dust Cover Set
The dust covers are made from waterproof light grey nylon with mid blue rib edging.  Separate covers are provided for the Texture Analyser and the control keyboard (if applicable). They provide excellent environmental protection for the instrument when not in use.



Heavy Duty Platform
Heavy Duty Platform
This is used for fixing many of the other attachments to the Texture Analysers. It ensures the precision alignment of probes and product samples. PTFE insulating pillars provide a thermal barrier to minimise heat transfer between the sample and the Texture Analyser.


Probe Display Base
Perspex display bases are made to special order and can accommodate 6, 12 or 18 probes.  They facilitate easy selection and safe storage.  Probe code numbers and quantity must be specified when ordering.

Video Playback Indicator
With rapidly occuring events during a test, important visual features may be missed or may wish to be viewed again at a later date.  Video playback can be synchronised with test data so that frame by frame analysis is possible.

Shatter Screen
Shatter Screen
Constructed from heavy duty perspex sheet and giving a high degree of protection during destruction testing, the Shatter Screen is a cost-effective option for any of the Texture Analyser range.

Safety Interlock Cabinet
Safety Interlock Cabinet
In order to ensure maximum protection when testing brittle samples to destruction, this cabinet is available. The TA.XTplus fits inside the cabinet and will operate only when the door is safely shut.

Circular Sample Support
Circular Sample Support
Used to provide stable support for circular samples for e.g. penetration/compression tests with the ability to retain any potential fluid expressed during the test

Bloom jars
Bloom Jars & Centralising Base
ISO Standard jar for Gelatine testing. It has an internal diameter of 59mm and a capacity of approximately 155ml. A centralising base which fits in the heavy duty platform is also available for quick jar centralisation.

Loadcells are supplied calibrated over 0-100% of their range, the calibration information being programmed into the non-volatile memory. This cannot be deleted by the user, but the loadcell can also be user calibrated with any calibration weight up to its maximum capacity. The user is informed at the beginning of each test which Calibration Information is being used. Loadcells are supplied in a protective case and are interchangeable. Full instructions and all installation tools required are supplied.

Flexible Clamping Arm
The Flexible Clamping Arm is made from silver chrome and is 13 inches in length. This allows for a good degree of flexibility around the testing area. A strong clamp is positioned on the end of the arm which possesses spring-loaded jaws to hold a device firmly in place. It may be used for the holding of such devices as pipettes for those applications requiring controlled water addition over the sample or for holding a temperature or humidity probe. Ideally this clamping arm can be attached to the leg of a Heavy Duty Platform.


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