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Bread V Squeeze Rig

There are few things as wonderful as a slice of fresh bread.  The freshness of bread is a major factor in consumer satisfaction and squeezing or smelling of bread loaves is one method you commonly see while shopping.

It is universally acknowledged that consumers test bread by squeezing the loaf when choosing which loaf to purchase.  The most common exercise being that of squeezing between the thumb and opposing fingers in a 'palmer grasp'.

The TA.XTplus texture analyser is frequently used in an imitative manner to reproduce a test which is the same (or similar) to that performed in real life. As such, Stable Micro Systems have now introduced a Bread 'V Squeeze' Rig for the assessment of loaf freshness of sliced or un-sliced loaves.

Rounded 'fingers' positioned at an angle representing the typical squeezing action are attached to the arm of the texture analyser and a compression test is performed on the packaged or unpackaged loaf. The force to compress the loaf is measured and a post-test calculation provides an assessment of loaf springiness. This is used as an indication of freshness - the lower the force and higher the value of springiness the fresher the loaf. The texture analyser is currently able to perform the AACC standard method for bread firmness which measures the force required to compress two bread slices to 25% of their height. The Bread V Squeeze Rig offers simplicity, speed and ruggedness by the fact that the loaf requires no sample preparation and this non-destructive freshness assessment can be determined within the packaging as is most commonly performed in store.

This rig enhances the tests currently in use with a Texture Analyser in the assessment of bakery products. Other tests include the measurement of bread toughness, dough stickiness, dough extensibility and general  'springiness' assessment of muffins, doughnuts and cakes.


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