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Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed below.

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements are also shown which are commonly used in this application area.  However, this does not show the complete range of attachments available for the testing of confectionery products. Test procedures include: compression, puncture/penetration, tension, fracture/bending, extrusion, cutting/shearing.

Typical measurements include:

  • Firmness/Hardness: chocolate, chewing gum dragees, gelled confectionery, nougat, toffee, fondant, halva, marzipan

  • Stickiness: boiled sweets, gummie bears, chewing gum, syrup, icings, toffee
  • Stringiness (tailing/stringing of a product when a probe is pulled away): syrup, honey, caramel
  • Tensile Strength: confectionery leathers, chewing gum rope
  • Coating Crispness: sugar-coated nuts, chewing gum dragees
  • Break Strength/Snapping Force: snack bars, chocolate, cereal bars
  • Flexibility: chewing gum sticks/rope, liqourice
  • Gel Strength: gelled confectionery
  • Fracturability: hard-boiled candies
  • Springiness: marshmallows

Confectionery Holder

Three Point Bend Rig

Tensile Grips

Confectionery Holder
Allows complete penetration
and withdrawal of the sample, 
through holes in the plates, 
whilst avoiding sample slippage, 
movement or lifting.

Three Point Bend Rig
Used for the assessment of
break strength of e.g.
chocolate, biscuits, cereal bars.

Tensile Grips
Can be used to measure tensile strength or flexibility of e.g. chewing gum sticks, liquorice.

Self-tightening Roller Grips

Craft Knife Blade

Back Extrusion Cell

Self-tightening Roller Grips 
Used to measure tensile strength
of e.g. confectionery leathers,
where slippage at the grip face
may be a problem.

Craft Knife Blade
Can be used to assess coating
crispness of chewing gum dragees, 
cutting force of e.g. liquorice, 

Back Extrusion Cell
Can be used to assess stickiness and stringiness of e.g. icings, caramel, honey.

Film Support Rig

Flexible Substrate Clamp

Acoustic Envelope Detector

Film Support Rig
This rig allows testing of thin, film-
like products to measure the burst
strength, resilience and relaxation

Flexible Substrate Clamp
Allows the measurement of
'wrapper release' (the adhesion
of packaging material to a
confectionery sample).

Acoustic Emission and 
Video Playback
Allow the collection of acoustic
data during a test and the
synchronisation of force data with
video frames - of particular interest
for the testing of brittle products.

Frozen Confectionery

Typical measurements include:

  • Hardness: chocolate ice coatings, ice juice coatings, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet

  • Firmness of inclusions (or loss of firmness due to moisture uptake): meringue pieces, praline

Extended 2mm cylinder probe

Knife Blade

A small diameter cylinder probe 
(extended) can be used to e.g. 
assess ice juice coating and 
internal ice cream hardness.


A standard knife blade may be used
to assess the force required to cut
through chocolate coating and the
underlying ice cream of a choc ice.

Application Studies are available for the testing of CONFECTIONERY products using the TA.XT2i, TA.XTplus, TA.XTExpress  or TA.HDplus texture analysers.

In addition, scientific papers have been published which reference the use of the TA.XT2i/TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus in the testing of CONFECTIONERY products.
Click here for paper titles and citation details.

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