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Cosmetic Product Testing Attachments

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Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed below.

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements are also shown which are commonly used in this application area. However, this does not show the complete range of attachments available for the testing of cosmetic products. Test procedures include: compression, puncture/penetration, tension, fracture/bending, extrusion, cutting/shearing.

Typical measurements include:

  • Hardness: lipstick, lip balm, wax, false nails

  • Break Strength: lipstick, eye liner, lip liner
  • Consistency: moisturising cream, paste
  • Compaction Strength: eye shadow, face powders
  • Container lid opening force
  • Actuation force of pumps/sprays
  • Friction: cosmetic applications, exfoliators
  • Spreadability: creams, face mask formulae
  • Stickiness: nail lacquers
  • Curing: nail lacquers
  • Combability: hair preparations
  • Bending Strength: hair curls
  • Sachet Content removal force

Lipstick Break Strength

Cylinder/Needle Probes

Small Diameter Cylinder Probes

Lipstick Break Strength
This cantilever test provides both
imitative and empirical results in 
one test. Action is provided by a 
hemispherical edged blade which 
simulates the bending action 
caused during application.

Cylinder/Needle Probes for Hardness measurement
Lipstick Hardness is an important
determination and is described in 
the ASTM Standard Method of Test 
D1321-95 which specifies the use 
of a needle penetration test. 
Besides determining lipstick 
Hardness , this test may also 
indicate the presence of unwanted 
trapped air bubbles, or a "grainy" 
texture as a result of either 
incomplete colorant dispersion or 
the working and chilling processes 
during manufacture.

Small Diameter 
Cylinder Probes
The test shown above can indicate
the presence of air pockets beneath
the sample surface, which may be
undesirable, and the optimal
pressing time and weight of e.g.
eyeshadow and compressed face

Eye Pencil Rig

Cone/cylinder/needle probe

Back/Forward Extrusion Rig

Eye Pencil Rig
The test shown above provides the
means to quantitatively measure 
the hardness of pencil tips such as
those for eye- or liplining products. 
Results will assess such process 
variables as the modification of wax 
content or product quality as a 
result of extreme temperature 

Cone/cylinder/needle probe
A standard test such as ASTM Dl
321 -95 using a needle probe or
ASTM D937-92 using a conical probe
provides a means of measuring the
firmness or consistency of waxes
and is also suitable to assess the
hardness of soap and similar
products (as shown).

Back/Forward Extrusion Rig
Consistency of moisturising cream can be assessed by either a forward
extrusion test (simulating the force
required to extrude a sample by the consumer) or a backward extrusion test which will give an indication of product physical failure and viscosity.

Sachet Tube Extrusion Rig

Soap Dispenser Actuation

Film Support Rig

Tube/Sachet Extrusion Rig
allows manufacturers to measure
the ease of removal and application
of products such as sauces, pastes,
creams and gels.

Actuation Force Testing
allows measurement of the force
required to release hair fixatives
from aerosols, soap/cream from

Film Support Rig
This rig allows testing of thin, film-
like products to measure the burst
strength, resilience and relaxation

Hair Combing Rig

Hair Combing Rig
(Registered Design)
Enables the comb to be disengaged
at the end of each combing stroke 
for realistic assessment of hair 

Application Studies are available for the testing of COSMETIC products using the TA.XT2i, TA.XTplus, TA.XTExpress  or TA.HDplus texture analysers.

In addition, scientific papers have been published which reference the use of the TA.XT2i/TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus in the testing of COSMETIC products.
Click here for paper titles and citation details.

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