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You can now also view videos featuring Texture Analysis tests prepared by our customers...


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1: Food Texture Analysis

Produced by West Virginia University,  winners of the Texture Technologies
Texture Analysis Video 2009

West Virginia University


2: The Pickle Snap Test

Claussen Laboratories

Claussen Pickle Snap Test


3: Kansas State University:
The Best Crunch

TTC Competition Entry 2009

Kansas State University


4: University of Arkansas:
Rice Processing

TTC Competition Entry 2009

University of Arkansas

5: South Dakota State University: Chapatis

TTC Competition Entry 2009

South Dakota State University

6: Brigham Young University

TTC Competition Entry 2009

Brigham Young University

7: Indiana University: ARQE

TTC Competition Entry 2009

Indiana University

8: Oregon State University:
The Quest for Perfect Texture

TTC Competition Entry 2009

Oregon State University


9: Removable Gum

Courtesy of Revolymer Ltd.

(click on 'Gum Testing')

Revolymer Gum Test


10: The Texture Channel

Texture Technologies' YouTube Channel

The Texture Channel


11: Food Ingredients Europe 2007:

Food Ingredients Europe 2007

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