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Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed below.

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements are also shown which are commonly used in this application area. However, this does not show the complete range of attachments available for the testing of dairy products. Test procedures include: compression, puncture/penetration, tension, fracture/bending, extrusion, cutting/shearing.

Typical measurements include:

  • Firmness/hardness: cheese, margarine, butter, ice cream, frozen yoghurt

  • Consistency: mayonnaise, cream, yoghurt, milk puddings, mousse, fromage frais, creme fraiche
  • Gel Strength: gelled dairy desserts, egg white
  • Fracturability: hard cheeses
  • Spreadability: table spreads, fats
  • Extensibility/Elasticity/ Stretchability: cheese (molten)
  • Flexibility: cheese
  • Wire Cutting force: cheese, butter
  • Shell Strength: eggs
  • Squeeze Flow Characteristics: cheese
  • Foam Stability: whipped dairy desserts
  • Work Softening: butter, fats
  • Creep Recovery: fats

Ball Probes

TTC Spreadability Rig

Forward (HDP/FE) & Backward (A/BE) Extrusion Rigs

Ball Probes
Can be used to apply small
deformation to e.g. cheese to 
determine firmness.

TTC Spreadability Rig
Used for the measurement of
spreadability of e.g. fats, table 

Forward & Backward 
Extrusion Rigs
Used to assess the consistency or
extrudability of such products as 
yoghurt, sauces, cream.

Egg Support Rig

Wire Cutter

Cylinder Probe

Egg Support Rig
Used to provide stable support for
egg penetration/compression tests 
with the ability to retain any 
potential fluid expressed during 
the test.

Wire Cutter
Used to assess firmness of block
forms of butter, margarine, cheese 
with the aid of a fine wire.

Cylinder Probe
Can be used in a similar manner
as a backward extrusion rig for
e.g. mayonnaise, mousse
consistency determination.

Fracture Wedges

Cheese Extensibility Rig

Fracture Wedges
Can be used to assess fracture/
'bite force' of hard cheeses.

Multiple Puncture Probe
Particularly suited for the
penetration of multiple particulates 
or non-uniform products to create 
an averaging effect.

Cheese Extensibility Rig
(Registered design)
Allows the assessment of molten
cheese by utilisation of a vessel
and fork design.

Multiple Extrusion Cell

 Multiple Extrusion Cell 
The Multiple Extrusion Cell was originally developed by the Food Science & Technology Department at TNO Nutrition and Food Research Centre in The Netherlands. It was developed to look at the structural breakdown of semi-solids during a test. Structural breakdown can be a result of mastication in the mouth or can occur during manufacturing of a product, e.g. during mixing and kneading. Work-softening of an ingredient, like for example a bakery fat during mixing of a dough, has implications for the final product quality. Evaluation of the rate and extent of the work softening of butter or the determination of the ease of chewing a meat snack or pasta are specific examples.

Application Studies are available for the testing of DAIRY products using the TA.XT2i, TA.XTplus, TA.XTExpress  or TA.HDplus texture analysers.

In addition, scientific papers have been published which reference the use of the TA.XT2i/TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus in the testing of DAIRY products.
Click here for paper titles and citation details.

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