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Recommended Texture Analysis Literature:

Food Texture And Viscosity

Food Texture and Viscosity:
Concepts and Measurement
(2nd edition)
by Malcolm Bourne (ISBN: 0121190625)

Essential for students and practitioners who need to learn more about the texture and viscosity of foods, how these properties are measured and how they relate to human assessments of textural quality.

Became available from April 2002 from Academic Press at £62.50


Food Texture - Measurement and Perception

Food Texture:
Measurement and Perception
Edited by A.J. Rosenthal

This book contains several sections on the instrumental measurement of texture and then continues with texture measurement covering certain food product sectors.


Journal of Texture Studies

Journal of Texture Studies 
An International Journal of Rheology, Psychorheology, Physical and Sensory Testing of Foods and Consumer Goods 
Edited by Malcolm Bourne

This fully peer reviewed international journal addresses the texture and rheology of food and other consumer products and their perception. It is a primary source on all of the sciences that relate to sensory perception and the physical characterization of texture, and it focuses on how the tactile senses are used to determine the acceptability of food and other consumer products. The Journal of Texture Studies is also a leading source on the interface between food texture and viscosity and the health of people suffering from dysphagia, temporomandibular joint diseases, and similar medical problems.

Subjects regularly covered in the Journal of Texture Studies include texture with the specific attributes (such as hardness, crispness, chewiness, juiciness, spreadability, and thickness) recognized as affecting consumer acceptance and factors (such as composition, structure, and processing) that affect texture and mouth feel. Recently published special issues have been devoted to mastication and food texture, fruit structure and texture, and texture profiling, and upcoming special issues will focus on engineering in food rheology and texture measurement and on dairy products.

The Journal of Texture Studies serves as an important source of information for scientists, engineers, and product development specialists in laboratories affiliated with academic institutions, government facilities, and food companies.

Print ISSN: 0022-4901
Online ISSN: 1745-4603
Frequency: Bi-monthly
To subscribe:


Texture in Food - Volume 1

Texture in Food
Volume 1: Semi-solid foods 
Edited by B M McKenna, University College Dublin, Ireland

448 pages 234 x 156mm hardback July 2003 
ISBN 1 85573 673 X  £135.00/US$225.00/Euro190.00 

Available from:


Texture in Food - Volume 2

Texture in Food 
Volume 2: Solid foods 
Edited by D Kilcast, Leatherhead Food International, UK

560 pages 234 x 156mm hardback April 2004 
ISBN 1 85573 724 8  £135.00/US$225.00/Euro190.00 

Available from:


Surimi and Surimi Seafood

Surimi and Surimi Seafood 
Jae W. Park (Editor)
Hardcover 944 pages (March 29, 2005) 
Publisher: Taylor & Francis 
Language: English 
ISBN: 0824726499

The TA XTplus recently appeared in the new edition of Surimi and Surimi Seafood in a chapter entitled Rheology and Texture Properties of Surimi Gels.  A particularly interesting paragraph states:

"Park and colleagues, along with the U.S. surimi industry leaders, evaluated 12 samples of surimi gels with a wide range of quality using five units of conventional rheometer or rheotex and two units of TA.XTplus Texture Analyser. Table values show that soft gel could not be measured using any of the five conventional units, while two units of the TA.XTplus were able to detect the gel values. Indeed, the accuracy of the measurement, based on the standard deviation, was much higher with the TA.XTplus instrument. This accuracy might have been due to the ability to calibrate the instrument as needed."

Available from: www.crcpress.com

Surimi School: www.surimischool.org

Métodos para Medir las Propiedades Físicas en la Industria de Alimentos

Métodos para Medir las Propiedades Físicas
en la Industria de Alimentos
Autor: Alvarado
Editorial: Acribia
Características: 430 páginas. Encuadernación rústica.
ISBN: 84-200-0939-3

La presente publicación ha logrado reunir a un grupo selecto de expertos miembros de la Red Iberoamericana de Propiedades Físicas para el Diseño Industrial, RIPFADI, para abordar en este volumen el tratamiento de los métodos de evaluación de propiedades físicas de los alimentos desde un punto de vista practico, pero a la vez riguroso, útil tanto en los sectores académicos y docentes como también para los técnicos de producción y de laboratorio. El contenido del libro esta dividido en cinco capítulos. Cuatro de ellos tratan de las propiedades físicas según la división clásica de la física. El restante se refiere al uso de herramientas estadísticas indispensables para la obtención de datos fiables para su correcta utilización, debido a la heterogeneidad observada en los alimentos.

Figuras. Tablas. Ejemplos. Bibliografía y referencias. 

Available from:


ICC Handbook

The ICC Handbook of Cereals, Flour, 
Dough & Product Testing: 
Methods and Applications
Edited by: Stanley P. Cauvain and Linda S. Young
BakeTran, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK
ISBN: 978-1-932078-99-2
April 2009, 504 pages, 6x9, hardcover

This volume is a comprehensive introduction to the techniques and information required for the testing and analysis of cereals throughout the entire grain chain, from breeding through harvesting and storage to processing and the manufacture of cereal-based food products. The book describes testing protocols in detail, offering many practical pointers for testing in fields, food plants, and in stores. It shows how data from the tests are acquired, interpreted, and linked to a range of global testing standards. The book covers wheat, barley, sorghum and other non-wheat cereals and a wide range of baked products, including breads, extruded products, and animal feeds. A final section introduces the entire spectrum of analytical devices for grain analysis from all major international equipment manufacturers. This is a practical and comprehensive reference designed for specialists responsible for ensuring the safety of, and adding value to, cereals, including cereal scientists, technologists, and producers.

Available from DEStech Publications

Recommended Powder Analysis Literature:

Characterisation of Bulk Solids

Characterisation of Bulk Solids
By: D MCGLINCHEY, Glasgow Caledonian University

280 pages 244 x 172mm hardback Jan 2005
ISBN 1405116242  £99.50

Available from:

  • Published Papers - Many independent users also publish Papers for particular applications. We have compiled a list of some of them for your reference. If you have published a paper which references use of the TA.XT2/TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus we would be delighted to receive it for inclusion in our library and abstracts help file.

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