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The manuals listed below are available free if received via e-mail as a .pdf file (pdf manuals 
may be large so this is only suitable where attachment size is unrestricted).


Getting Started Guide  TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus Texture Analyser Getting Started Guide: v4.4 (5MB)

TA.XT2i  TA.XT2i/TA.HDi Texture Analyser: v1.0 (1.8MB)

TA.XTExpress  TA.XTExpress: v3.6 (2.1MB)

MT.LQplus  MT-LQ/MT Micro: v1.0 (1.1MB)


Texture Expert: v1.0 (800KB)

Texture Expert Exceed: v1.0 (2.5MB)

Expression: v2.2 (2.9MB)

Exponent Lite Express: v4.3 (2.9MB)

Materials Maxim: v1.0 (1.0MB)

How to Automate Macros in Exceed (200KB)


Powder Flow Analyser  Powder Flow Analyser (1.5MB)

Dough Inflation System  Dough Inflation System 2: v1.0 (4.2MB)

Acoustic Envelope Detector  Acoustic Envelope Detector: v3.0 (0.8MB)

Thermal Cabinet  Thermal Cabinet (TC/CO2 & TC/LN2): v1.1 (2.0MB)

Peltier Plate/Cabinet  Temperature Controlled Peltier Plate/Cabinet: v3.7 (3.7MB)

Resistance Conversion Unit  Resistance Conversion Unit 2k-20k Ohms: v2.0 (200KB)

Resistance Conversion Unit  Resistance Conversion Unit 200-2000 Ohms: v2.0 (200KB)

Resistance Conversion Unit  Resistance Conversion Unit Milliohmeter: v3.1 (2.7MB)

Kieffer Rig  Kieffer Rig: v2.0 (1.3MB)


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