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Force Range

+/- 5kg +/-30kg +/-50kg +/-100kg +/-250kg +/-500kg +/-750kg

Load accuracy

+/- 0.5% of reading down to 1% of loadcell capacity.
Exceeds the requirements of BS EN ISO 7500: 1999 Class 0.5, ASTM E4, DIN 51221


Directly interchangeable by the user. All loadcells store their unique calibration and identification information in 'onboard' non-volatile memory

Speed Range

0.01 - 20mm/sec (up to 500kg) 0.01 - 13mm/sec (500-750kg)

Speed Accuracy

Better than 0.1%

Range Setting


Range Resolution


Data Channels

Filtered force at 20 bit
Distance at 24 bit
Unfiltered force at 16 bit
Two linear analogue inputs (range +/- 4.5v at 16 bit) or PT100 temperature probe inputs (range -50°C to +250°C)
Biphase digital encoder input at 24 bit suitable for any compatible linear or rotary extensometer.

Data Acquisition Rate

Up to 500 points per second (pps) for each data channel.

Filtered Force

Oversampled at 8000 samples per second and digitally filtered to 500 pps at 20 bit resolution.

External Instrumentation Channels

Four channels of RS485 using an industry standard MODBUS protocol. Each channel logs at one sample per ten seconds at 16 bit and is suitable for external sensing of temperature, humidity etc.

Operating Temperature

0 - 40°C

Operating Environment

Laboratory conditions. Dust and splash resistant.

Net weight


PC Interface

Interface to PC through a standard RS232 serial port at 115200 BAUD.

Power supply

Universal mains input voltage.

Firmware updates

FLASH update of firmware via PC.

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