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Noodle Pasta Loop Tensile Rig

Stable Micro Systems has launched a pioneering new instrument to measure the tensile strength and extensibility of pasta. The Noodle/Pasta Loop Tensile Rig, which attaches to the established TA.XTplus texture analyser, aids manufacturers in testing the resilience and consumer appeal of cooked sheet pasta and noodles. This Community Registered Design is an important advancement in gauging product quality and maximizing repeat purchase.

Guidelines for pasta cooking times are typically trialled extensively to ensure that consumers can produce ideal results at home. In an age of increasing culinary sophistication and a more discerning consumer, finding a precise solution for creating the preferred 'al dente' pasta is of paramount importance. The Noodle/Pasta Loop Tensile Rig allows manufacturers to perfect the formulation of their products with the aid of repeatable, scientific analysis. This, in turn, leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Noodle/Pasta Loop Tensile Rig measures the force required to stretch cooked pasta or noodle samples to breaking point, providing an accurate measure of their extensibility. Previous clamping methods have encountered difficulties due to unequal pressure and failing at the sample mounting points. It is important that the product breaks within the gauge length in order to guarantee accurate test data. For this reason, the new rig comprises a unique annular sample cutter, producing a sample shape that impedes breakage at the holding points.

Prior to testing, samples are mounted to a separating rod fixture on washers that are specifically designed to prevent the noodles from breaking at the point of attachment. Vertical movement of the upper rod is applied until the pasta breaks, while Exponent software records the force required to do so. Controlled testing not only provides unambiguous quality assessment standards but can also indicate how a product may react to further processing during manufacture.

With the introduction of the Noodle/Pasta Loop Tensile Rig, Stable Micro Systems has proven its ability to provide an innovative solution for the complex quality demands of the food industry. The new rig is just one of Stable Micro Systems' wide range of texture analysis fixtures that are designed for use in this sector. Others include a cooked pasta firmness/stickiness rig and a dried spaghetti flexure rig. All Stable Micro Systems' products can be custom-made according to individual specification.


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