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It is estimated that over 50% of manufactured products are powders at some stage during their production. The following list details some industries where powder flow knowledge is known to be of major significance.

Why Measure Powder Flow? details some application and operation areas where commercial advantage, profit, and product performance within these and similar industries can be enhanced by an improved knowledge of powder flow.

Powder Flow Analyser bullet

Powder Flow Analyser bullet

Powder Flow Analyser bullet

Powder Flow Analyser bullet

Powder Flow Analyser bullet

Powder Flow Analyser bullet

Powder Flow Analyser bullet


Granulation, Inhalers, Tablets, Capsules, Powders

Abrasive and fine powders

Diamond, ceramic, and metallic powders and pastes for grinding, polishing, magnetic recording tapes


In process and environmental (gas absorbtion) powder and granule flow.


Powder and wet mix for extrusions


Fine chemicals for pharmaceutical, paint, print, toner, food, ...


Agro fertiliser, herbicides, pesticides


Detergents, enzymes


Chocolate and cocoa butter powders, sugar, flavours, fillings including diced and sliced.


Sand, lime, cement, plaster, sawdust, wood chip


Eye shadow, blush, powder, lipstick formulation, lotions and creams


Coal and other powdered fuels, nuclear fuel granules


Grains, flour, spices, dried milk and powdered drinks, sugar, starch, crumbs and coatings, ...


Iron and Steel powders, quartz, ore, sintered powders


Pigments, fillers, binders (titanium dioxide)


As used in photocopiers

What Types of Sample can be tested?

Almost any type of sample capable of flow.

Powders, granules, wet-mixed powders, pastes, slurries.

The angled rotating blade of the Powder Flow Analyser imposes flow within the sample.  This means that almost any type of sample that is capable of flow can be tested.

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