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Welcome to Stable Micro Systems - the only Texture Analyser supplier who can offer you:

  • In-house analysis laboratory

  • Dedicated software
  • Direct liaison with universities and research institutions
  • The most comprehensive range of testing attachments available worldwide
  • Worldwide Sales and Service support

Scientific Texture Analysis provides quantifiable, repeatable and accurate data on the physical properties of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products. It is now an established procedure in research, and a valuable tool in the quest for improved quality control methods. Measurements that yield both fundamental and empirical product characteristics are well developed and wide ranging imitative test procedures are becoming increasingly important.

Stable Micro Systems' advanced technology texture analysers are internationally recognised as the "complete" instrument with its unique ability to be configured to meet the requirements of most International and National Standards as well as industry specific tests.

Texture Analysers are used to measure many properties, such as Hardness, Brittleness, Fracturability, Adhesiveness, Elasticity, Bloom Strength etc, on a vast range of products whilst the Powder Flow Analyser (a major accessory to the Texture Analyser) is used to assess the flow characteristics of powders and granular material.


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