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We would like to help you get the most from your Texture Analyser by enabling direct contact to our application laboratory from which useful testing advice can be given - free of charge.

Please complete all of the questions below (as thoroughly as possible) to enable us to optimise testing guidelines specific to your product.



Company Name:


E-mail address:




What instrument are you currently using (please select all that apply)?:

TA.XTplus Texture Analyser

TA.HDplus Texture Analyser

TA.XT2i Texture Analyser


TA.HDi Texture Analyser


Powder Flow Analyser


What Software package are you currently using?:



Texture Expert Exceed

Materials Maxim

Texture Expert

Materials Master

Product Description:

What are your ideal / convenient sample dimensions?
(Please state if there are no limitations to sample mass/dimensions)

What textural properties / parameter(s) do you wish to measure / quantify?
(Please consider that only properties possessed by your sample can be measured. e.g. springiness is not applicable to chocolate)

Do you have a current sample assessment method?
(If so, please give details)

We will endeavour to provide testing advice as quickly as possible which would be accelerated by your provision of complete details.

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