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TA.XTplus Texture Analyser

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Stable Micro Systems brings you the most successful Texture Analysers available today – the TA.XTplus and TA.HDplus ‘World Standard’ instruments.

In the last 20 years, our simple to use philosophy has benefited over 5000 customers engaged in activities ranging from routine product quality assurance to fundamental research. This philosophy has been enhanced in the plus range, where many powerful analytical tools increase the instrument’s capability and yet reduce your test and analysis time.

Texture analysis is the mechanical testing of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and other consumer products either in compression or in tension. The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser assesses textural properties by capturing force, distance and time data at a rate of up to 500 points per second which is then displayed by fully integrated Exponent 32-bit software. This powerful and versatile Texture Analyser completely satisfies the increasing demands for accurate, repeatable and quantifiable textural information and stands as a significant evolution from single-parameter to multi-functional computer controlled instruments to carry out a wide range of measurements.

The TA.XTplus uses a range of different probes and fixtures according to the required test method. Each probe or fixture is designed for a specific group of applications, and can be attached to the texture analyser’s base and/or arm. Samples are either placed on the base of the texture analyser or on the lower fixture or held between two fixtures. In a simple test, the arm of the texture analyser containing a loadcell moves down to penetrate or compress the product, and then returns to its initial position.

The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser is extremely efficient, capable of high-speed testing and boasts a comprehensive software package.

Typical Applications

A product’s textural properties are of fundamental importance to its acceptability. Whether this is the ‘mouth feel’ of food, the flow properties of creams and pastes or the tackiness of adhesives, Texture Analysis provides accurate product information for research, QA and manufacture.

Many tests are International Standards, such as the Bloom Strength for gelatin gels, whereas others are recogised as standard tests within an industry, such as Texture Profile Analysis for many food products.

To be successful, all of these tests depend upon the integrity of the Texture Analyser, the manufacturing precision of the probe or attachment used and the accuracy of the analytical software to provide the results in a clear, concise format.

The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser, Exponent fourth generation software and the range of over two hundred probes and attachments are the result of two decades’ experience in the design and manufacture of this equipment.

As well as offering a design service for new attachments, users benefit from free software upgrades and a dedicated applications support team.

Stable Micro Systems constantly increase the capability of Exponent software by adding testing procedures, presentation formats and analytical solutions – this being of particular importance for those working in research. However, many users require simple test and data analysis solutions for QA or production. So now, two versions are available – Exponent and Exponent Lite. While both versions offer the same basic functions, Exponent has additional data collection and analysis features and enhanced security options.

Why use Stable Micro Systems Texture Analysers?

Stable Micro Systems are the only Texture Analyser supplier to offer you:

  • In-house product testing and method development laboratory

  • Dedicated software
  • Direct liaison with universities and research institutions
  • The most comprehensive range of testing attachments available worldwide
  • Worldwide Sales and Service support

Stable Micro Systems' advanced technology texture analysers are internationally recognised as the "complete" instrument with their unique ability to be configured to meet the requirements of most International and National Standards as well as industry specific tests.

Technical Specifications: TA.XTplus

Force Capacity: 50kg.f (500N)
Force Resolution: 0.1g
Loadcells: 1, 5, 30, 50kg.f
Loadcell features: Directly interchangeable by the user.
Factory calibration and identification information in ‘onboard’ non-volatile memory
Loadcell Accuracy: 0.5% of reading down to 1% of loadcell capacity.
Meets the requirements of ISO 7500-1 and similar international standards
Speed Range: 0.01 – 40mm/s(20mm/s @ 30–50kg.f)
Speed Accuracy: Better than 0.1%
Range Setting: 1 - 295mm
Transducer Channels: Two linear analogue inputs and one bi-phase digital encoder
Data Acquisition Rate: Up to 500 points per second (PPS) for each data channel
Data Sampling Rate: 8KHz
External Instrumentation Channels: Four channels of RS485
Operating Temperature: 0 – 40°C
Operating Environment: Laboratory conditions. Dust and splash resistant
PC Interface: Standard RS232 serial port
Power supply: Universal mains input voltage
Net weight: 16.2 kg

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