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It's a great instrument! What the heck!

Dr. R. Carl Hoseney
President, R&R Research Services, Inc., Manhattan, KS.
Professor, Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Author of the textbook "Principles of Cereal Science and Technology"
American Association of Cereal Chemists, (Board of Directors 1988-1991, President 1989-1990)

"Great instrument! Great technical support!
Looking forward to what they do next with the TA.XT2 ..."

Dr. Jean-Francois C. Meullenet
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
Coordinator of the Rheology & Sensory Research Program

From his university web page "Sensory Science and Rheology are my primary research interests. Current research is focuses of the development of instrumental methods capable of predicting the sensory perception or acceptance of texture by trained panelists and consumers."


"The TA.XT2i has been a fabulous instrument for us and our CAFT program. It is more versatile, easier to use, more sensitive and better than we ever expected, and your team is great to work with for assistance and suggestions".

Dr. Jozef L. Kokini
Professor, Dept of Food Science 
Center for Advanced Food Technology
Rutgers University




"The TA.XT2 is the most used piece of equipment in my lab. It is used every day for a wide variety of materials and with great results!"

Dr. William Kerr
University of Georgia, Dept of Food Science & Technology

"We have been involved with the TA.XT2 Texture Analyser for ten years (we have three of them). It is a great instrument and the software is fabulous. The other thing that is impressive about it is the way that they have continued to make improvements in the instrument, software and probes for the food industry."

"Perhaps their success is really due to their University of Nottingham affiliations", he said jokingly.

Professor John R Mitchell, Head of Food Sciences,
Department of Applied Biochemistry and Food Science
University of Nottingham, UK



"This tool has helped us improve tortillas!"

Dr. Ralph D. Waniska
Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences
Cereal Quality Laboratory
Texas A & M University

Dr. Waniska's major area of research is Cereal Chemistry and Food Carbohydrates - Chemical, physical, and structural properties of starch and proteins during food processing; chemistry and technology of wheat and corn tortillas and chips; type, distribution, and bioactivity of proteins, hydrolytic enzymes, and phenolic compounds in corn, sorghum, and peanuts; the effect of these compounds on the activity of fungi, microbes, and insects.


"We love the Squishy Machine! Great for spreadable butter, cheese, whey gels & chocolates. Enough analyzing, time to eat!"

Ms. Kerry Kaylegian
Researcher, Milkfat Applications
Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
University of Wisconsin



"The pizza tug fixture has been very useful in quantifying the differences of our many hydrocolloid systems."

John Brodie
Rhodia Baking Ingredients



"Texture Technologies has always been extremely supportive of our research - not just when we purchased the equipment, but also with applications and modifying accessories."

JoAnna Tharrington
North Carolina State University



"It should be called the
Texture-ator!! Not even 
students could break it !!"

Dr. Clara Rovedo
Research Engineer
FMC Food Tech
Process Technologies Laboratory
2300 Industrial Ave.
Madera, CA



"Always great technical support!

Marc's response to me - 'what is it you want to find out?' always helped."

Becky Hubble
Senior Food Technologist
Nestle Frozen Foods/Stouffer's Foods Corp, Ohio



"I don't know what I would do without my
TA.XT2i Texture Analyzer!"

Dr. Catherine G.A. Davies
Assistant Professor Food Biochemistry
Animal Science & Food Science
University of Delaware



"SMS is the best company for assistance in instrumental analysis. They have a friendly approach, they are friendly people & their system allows for very user-friendly measurements. You can ask for help in the morning and have the answer in the afternoon. We appreciate the help very much!"

Gaelle Roudaut
Ensbana, Dijon, France


"It's a fantastic instrument, I'll tell you that. I have been extremely pleased with it. We now have a way of quantifying data that before was just a guess. Pictures are worth much more than words and TA.XT2 measurements are as clear as night and day."

Mr. Richard B. Batté
Director of Laboratory and Research Services
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation

"The AIB uses the XT2 every day in our development work and also in training the hundreds of students we have. Its easy to use and your help has always been outstanding, so much so that we never use our Instron any longer.

Can I get a smaller shirt so that I can wear one into the office?"

Ms. Renee Boeckman, American Institute of Baking



"The TA.XT2 has been invaluable and several of our MS students graduated after conducting their research with the instrument."

Dr. Anuradha Prakash 
Professor Food Science and Nutrition
Department of Food Science and Nutrition 
Chapman University, Orange CA

"It has been great using it. I hope that the next one I get [the TA.XTplus] will give me the same joy!"

Dr. Maria Jose de Sousa Gallagher
University College, Cork, Ireland
(also shown Sergio Carbonell Martinez)

"It is a very nice instrument to work with! Very convenient and the software is working well. We are very happy with it. We use it extensively for physical measurements with fish."

Dr. Kris Kristbergsson
University of Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland


"It is so much more friendly to use than an Instron!"

Gianfranco Mazzanti
University of Guelph - Food Science & 
University of Waterloo - Physics

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