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Stable Micro Systems are dedicated to scientific texture analysis. Our scientists offer you direct access to our in-house testing laboratory, where new procedures are developed and advice is freely, but confidentially, given. Our Applications library is, perhaps, equally important to you. For as well as documenting our own research, we also collate as much internationally published data as possible. This enables us to provide you with the most recent references, and ensures that we continuously improve the capability of the range of texture analysers.

Our aim is to assist our users in acquiring the most from their texture analyser and software. Alongside online macro and application support we hold regular in-house training courses and can provide technical support to solve any testing problem or question that you may have.


UK Service Contracts

UK Users who have had their texture analysers for more than one year, and subsequently their warranty has expired, are likely to be interested in our service contracts. This includes an annual visit by our service engineer to check and recalibrate your instrument by verifying force, distance and speed settings. We will also update your software to the latest versions (this does not include upgrades from Expert to Exceed). Should you require any more information, please contact Mark Proto on 01483 427345 or by e-mail: sales@stablemicrosystems.com

Integral Software Support

The Texture Expert Exceed software package is supplied with the Application Studies, Texture Analysis Principles and a Guide to TPA in a Windows Help file format. These can be launched directly from within the software. The Texture Analysis Principles file also contains animations to make the explanations as simple as possible.

Our Application Studies demonstrate a viable test method for a specific product, and also act as an ideal starting point for studying similar products. This information is available in hard copy and is also fully documented within the Texture Expert software.

Detailed reports are also published which review a range of similar products or test methods. Typical results are presented and interpretation is explained. Where applicable, associated procedures and test methods are summarised.

Application Reports

We are confident that our laboratory services demonstrate our commitment to the "complete system" philosophy.

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