Measure More than Force - Synchronise Captured Video


Video Playback Indicator

Some Texture Analysis tests either occur very quickly or there are transient events during the test that are easily missed.  Such characteristics are either due to the brittle nature of the product or to the test protocol, such as the rapid probe withdrawal during an adhesive 'tack' test.  Due to the speed of events, visually the test features may almost be missed and, therefore, video capture of the test that allows for replay will almost certainly be of interest.  This is even more relevant when the captured video information can be played-back in frame synchronisation with the cursor movement of the force/time texture analysis recording.

Users of the Video Playback Indicator with their TA.XTPlus are then able to e-mail and share the 'testing experience' with international colleagues - you no longer need to be there at the time of testing. You can freeze frame tests to more thoroughly understand the data that it is producing and then of course use this visual information in future presentations.


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