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Stable Micro Systems' family of precision industrial balances are built for rugged, reliable industrial operation.

The SG/5, SG/15 and SG/30 are in daily operation in the Civil Engineering and Building Industries for measurements such as the density and water absorption of aggregates, the analysis of freshly mixed concrete and density of hardened concrete.

Operation could not be easier - using 'tactile' feel membrane keys the weight of the sample container in both air and water is measured and automatically recorded. After repeating the process with the sample, its specific gravity is directly displayed and can be transferred to a printer or other instrumentation using the RS232 link. The Balance is then ready to make further measurements.

Each unit is operated from an internal rechargeable battery, making it totally portable, and is also supplied with a mains adapter.


  • Full mechanical overload protection of the loadcell

  • 0°C to +40°C operating range
  • Net weight 4.6Kg
  • 'Under balance' weighing capability
  • Stainless steel weigh pan - 270mm diameter
  • Direct digital readout of results
  • Structural aluminium construction for strength and long-term reliability
  • Keyboard and display sealed against the ingress of dust and water
  • RS232 output port
  • RS485 output port
  • Connects to a TA.XTplus Texture Analyser via RS485
  • Universal mains input or battery operation

Models Available

  • SG/5 - measuring range 0.1g - 5Kg

  • SG/15  - measuring range - 0.5g - 15Kg
  • SG/30 - measuring range - 1g - 30Kg

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