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Volscan Profiler update

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Latest Probes & Fixtures

Dough Inflation System 2

Cheese Extensibility Rig
Registered Design

Noodle Pasta Loop Tensile Rig
Registered Design

Bilayer tablet shear rig
Registered Design

Alginate Raft Hook
Registered Design

Capsule Loop Tensile Rig
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Specific Gravity Balance

Latest Software Versions

Links to all the latest available software updates can be found in our software download section and more information is available on the latest versions page.

Other News

Website Networks

Stable Micro Systems has launched an exciting new web facility for its customers. The company's internet site, www.stablemicrosystems.com, is now home to sophisticated 'User Network Pages', which will allow users to develop contacts and share information in a controlled forum. To date, Network pages have been constructed for three of Stable Micro Systems' key instruments; the Dough Inflation System, Acoustic Envelope Detector and Dough & Gluten Extensibility Rig.

Registered users of the Networks will benefit from a number of exclusive access areas, providing published research papers, operation tips and information on the latest news and developments. 'Frequently Asked Questions' will be regularly updated to offer an immediate response to typical queries. For more complex questions, or simply to share their experiences, users will be invited to write a 'Letter to the Editor'. A full member list will provide short synopses of all users, facilitating interaction and the development of useful contacts.

In addition, Network members will have access to 'product research champions' - a group of external experts appointed by Stable Micro Systems to offer advice, product and data analysis training and independent consultancy on a specific fixture.

Users of the Dough Inflation System will have the support of Bogdan Dobraszczyk, who recently received the Scott Blair award for his outstanding contribution to rheology and texture. Professor Malcolm Povey, whose work in the area of food crunchiness has been widely publicised, will be on hand for users of the Acoustic Envelope Detector. For the Kieffer Dough and Gluten Extensibility Rig, customers will have the expert advice of Dr. Rolf Kieffer himself.

Customers who wish to enter one of the Networks should visit www.stablemicrosystems.com and click on the 'JOIN A USER NETWORK' banner. 

Important note to customers intending to upgrade their computers

A new breed of computers has been introduced to the market that speed up data processing. The new processors produced by Intel use a technique called 'hyper-threading' to increase the processor speed. The other major manufacturer AMD has developed a 'dual core' processor system that essentially does a similar job.

For Stable Micro Systems customers with the latest TA.XTplus instruments and Exponent software this is excellent news, but for those customers with the TA.XT2 and TA.XT2i instruments and Texture Expert Exceed software there are serious problems of compatibility. This incompatibility shows up as erratic data capture.

Preliminary testing by our software engineers has shown that Intel processors will work if hyper-threading is disabled in the BIOS of the computer. Sadly, this defeats the purpose of having a superior processor and is a procedure likely to be discouraged by any IT department. With AMD processors the same problem is noticed but it cannot always be disabled. It is possible to disable multi-processor support a boot time, for more information click here to view the PDF file. The easiest solution to the problem is to do nothing! That is, continue to use the existing computer and operating system. If however, the IT policy of your company directs that you must exchange your computer, then Stable Micro Systems  is pleased to offer a cost-effective upgrade route that involves rebuilding your old instrument to the new TA.XTplus specification. The new 32 bit Exponent software is included in this deal bringing your whole system right up to date.

A separate issue involves the new Microsoft XP64 operating system. This is not compatible with Texture Expert or Texture Expert Exceed software and we offer the same upgrade solution above. Please note that Exponent software will not operate a TA.XT2 or a TA.XT2i instrument.

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